Poor little misunderstand fellows! Graffiti artists, not rats.
I feel irony or maybe cynicism is involved in Banksys attempt at main stream modern art and commercial success.
Publicity for any artist is of great benefit. Damien Hirst is one of the best at this, and is one of a rare,
band of young artists, that have also made millions from their own art, shite or otherwise.
Banksy is to be commended for his efforts, much better to deface an Estate Agents with rat droppings,
plus cleverly and humorously altered well known oil paintings, than to paint down the side of a tube train.
Lets hope he makes enough money from this "Art Show" to keep him and the rest of his gang of vile spray can rat people off the streets.(2004)
Editor foot note : Banksy sold a work of ART for £288.000 at Bonhams in 2007 - maybe its not so vile!

A jolly Banksy punter appreciates the constable, obliviouse to the live and bostriouse Rats running around.
The paper she is clutching is the disclaimer you have to sign before crossing the freshold into the rat infested Gallery.

One of the curraters from the National Galery "moonlighting". BANKSY


Err! More Rats. BANKSY

Final comment - we loved it!. & its free . Get down to Westborne grove before they all escape or die TO LATE!.